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Myrtle Beach

For those of you who may have returned back to school this week here is your dose of summer vacation one more time :)
Tim and I have just returned from a coupled days away to this humble abode!! And yes it was just as beautiful if not more beautiful than the pictures show.
We left early Monday morning and arrived in Myrtle Beach a little after lunch time for a couple days away. We wanted a mini vacation to just refresh and rejuvenate. When we arrived the first thing we did was play some mini golf. What is absolutely crazy is the amount of mini golf that is in Myrtle Beach (There is a course on every corned I swear!) The course that we chose had a view of the ocean from the 18th hole it was quite beautiful. Here is the hubby and I!

We then arrived to our hotel and it was magical. We were fortunate to be on the 16th floor(top floor), and had such magical views. Most of the pictures actually came from our room. We had an unobstructed view of the Atlantic Ocean and the beach beneath us. …

work, work work,

Oh the joys of work. Don't some of you just wish money magically appeared in our bank accounts and we didn't have to work to earn it? There are some days I wish that. There are other days I absolutely love going to work. I am fortunate to like what I do and therefor working doesn't bother me all that much. What bothers me is society today. This generation of new employees where work isn't important to them, they don't want to show up on time, and they don't want to put everything into their jobs. With that said, I am pretty grateful that I have a good head on my shoulders and I actually care about what I do. 
Yes, I work at Starbucks and yes, I absolutely love it. I begin work every morning at 5:30 and get to know and see my regulars, I get to smell and make coffee every day, and I get to chat all day long. Sometimes that is a negative the whole talking all day thing, but usually I don't mind it. What makes it difficult is when I come home and my husband w…

Rain Delays

Rain Delays...These are 2 words a fan, a wife, or an employee of NASCAR hates to hear. These mean that our wonderful men are getting home later than anticipated. An in the case of this past weekend's race in Pocono, Pennsylvania it meant our men were coming home a whole day later (or so we hoped).
Rain delays mean that the track is too wet and will take too long for NASCAR to dry and therefore the race gets postponed. Most of the time its only for a couple hours, but in the case of this past weekend it meant it was postponed for whole day. So instead of my husband coming home Sunday night, he wasn't coming home until Monday(and that was if we were lucky and mother nature cooperated). So here rolled along Monday(which I happened to take off) and it was raining at the track. I swear mother nature doesn't like NASCAR sometimes and she makes it extremely difficult for us. It wasn't a really rain more like a mist, but it was enough that the race didn't start on time on…

Role Models

Every girl growing up looks to their parents for role models. I did this growing up and I still do. I am so fortunate to have a handful of people that I look to for advice, conversations, and talks.  

My mother of course is one of those people. She pretty much raised me as an only child with help from my wonderful grandparents. Together the three of them created me to be the woman that I am today. 

I have also been fortunate to have married into a pretty wonderful family. My father in law Ben is a wonderful, caring, loving, hard working man. My sister in law Lisa is one of a kind. She is dedicated,  hard working, caring, and overall sweet. My mother in law Janet is focused, loving, dedicated, hard working and a wonderful role model to me. I recently caught up with Janet and asked her some questions about her and Ben and their past and going into their future. She is a very private person so answering my questions was difficult for her, so I am much appreciative for what she did for me.