Homesick...Everyone living away from family feels it. Its an awful feeling. It hurts in places you didn't think it would hurt. It makes you feel things you don't want to feel. It makes you question things you shouldn't have to. In the end you made the right decision by being away from your family but it doesn't make it any easier.

Since I have moved to North Carolina I have suffered with being homesick occasionally.  Nothing super severe. Nothing causing me to miss work, or curl in a ball and cry. But there are some circumstances that make it harder than others. After being here a year my homesickness isn't as severe as I am sure others have dealt with when they move away from their families. I believe that I am also struggling because I just recently made a few friends and that has truly helped. 
Back home in California I have my mom, brothers, sister, niece, brother in law, my grandparents, my in-laws, and my best friends. Thats a lot to be away from every day when milestones are happening. I missed my niece's first steps, my brothers first football game, my brother's first game as goalie, my best friend staying home with her newborn, and my wonderful friends. Thank goodness for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. It helps me to stay in contact with everyone and live through their photos and videos but its not the same. Sometimes its worse. Sometimes it really makes me realize all the milestones I am missing and what else is going to come that I will be missing.

I just got a wonderful picture texted to me of my sister holding my best friends baby. While I am so excited that they are close and have gotten the opportunity to see one another, I wish I was there for my best friend and my sister. I wish I was there to have coffee with both of them and watch her son so she can shower. I wish that I was there to baby-sit my niece so my sister and her boyfriend can have a date night. I wish that I was able to go to soccer games and football games. I wish that I was able to work snack bars so my mother didn't have to. I wish that I was able to be as involved as I have been for the past 8 years of my families life. 

Before I moved I was actively involved in my entire family's lives. I helped with getting to soccer practice and rugby practice. I worked snack bars when my sister was on the dance team. I carpooled to dance competitions. I went to mother-son sports night at schools. Whenever my mom couldn't be there I would fill in. Sometimes I would offer just because I wanted to be there for my brothers. I wanted my siblings to know that their big sister was there for them always and with whatever they wanted and needed. I hope that as they get older they will call me anytime they want advice or need to vent. I know that my sister and I have gotten closer as she has become and adult and especially as she has become a mother. I can just imagine what our relationship will be like when I become a mother.

I have been fortunate to have a wonderful relationship with my in-laws as well. I view that as parents not even as in-laws. Ben and Janet are people I can have conversations about in regards to anything. They have taught me so many things about my husband and even myself. My sister-in-law Lisa is wonderful as well as she now lives in Washington for school, so I can just imagine if she is dealing with being homesick at all. 

I cant wait for when our families will come out for a visit. I want to show them around Uptown, Lake Norman, and the foothills. I want them to see what I love about this state I now call home. I want them to see that we are okay here and that this is our future. I want them to be able to spend holidays here in the future when they have grandkids, nieces/nephews, etc. I want us to all be together again and celebrate family and with the 3,000 miles between us that is definitely going to be hard to come by. Its expensive to travel. Its difficult to get time off. Its difficult being pulled in different directions since our families and friends are all in California. 

We made the decision to not go home for the holidays and it was the hardest decision we have had to make up to this point. This will be our first holiday away from our families, and our first holiday as just a husband and wife. We got married right before Christmas last year so we were newlyweds and bam it was Christmas LOL! So this year its just going to be us making our own memories and traditions. 

I just hope that we will all see one another again soon. As of now there are no trips for either side booked to see one another. 

Tell me about how you overcome being homesick? What remedies have you found work?


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