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Hurricane vs Racing

Sorry its taken so long to write about the Charlotte race weekend. If you are familiar at all with NASCAR than you understand how much that weekend sucked for everyone involved. If you are unfamiliar then I will catch you up.
Charlotte is the home track for many of the teams. It is the local track for the employees and their families. Everyone commutes in and some even camp at the track. 
Well this year the weekend happened to fall in the path of Hurricane Matthew. There is nothing we can do about mother nature except for cuss at her a lot and let her know whats on our minds. She doesn't seem to care all that much though which I find very RUDE. Anyways, we cannot control the weather and I know that NASCAR does the best that they can with keeping everyone safe and still trying to appeal to the fans. Its a difficult situation.

Thursday- Cars got in one practice and we actually got qualifying in. Friday- All track activity cancelled as Matthew made his landfall in the Carolinas. Xfi…


This isn't going to be one of my standard blog posts and for that I apologize in advance but this is going to be something near and dear to my heart and something that is a part of who I am as an adult, a sister, a daughter and a wife. 
SIDS- If I say that how many actually know what it means? I know I didnt know what it stood for until I had to know. SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Technically the definition is known as cot death or crib death, is the sudden unexplained death of a child less than one year of age. Diagnosis requires that the death remains unexplained even after a thorough autopsy and detailed death scene investigation.SIDS usually occurs during sleep. Typically death occurs between the hours of 00:00 and 09:00.There is usually no evidence of struggle and no noise produced.
The only reason I even know about this topic is because my family went through this tragic event in February of 1999. Let me give you the backstory first.

It was December 1998. Our li…