Hurricane vs Racing

Sorry its taken so long to write about the Charlotte race weekend. If you are familiar at all with NASCAR than you understand how much that weekend sucked for everyone involved. If you are unfamiliar then I will catch you up.

Charlotte is the home track for many of the teams. It is the local track for the employees and their families. Everyone commutes in and some even camp at the track. 

Well this year the weekend happened to fall in the path of Hurricane Matthew. There is nothing we can do about mother nature except for cuss at her a lot and let her know whats on our minds. She doesn't seem to care all that much though which I find very RUDE. Anyways, we cannot control the weather and I know that NASCAR does the best that they can with keeping everyone safe and still trying to appeal to the fans. Its a difficult situation.

Thursday- Cars got in one practice and we actually got qualifying in.
Friday- All track activity cancelled as Matthew made his landfall in the Carolinas. Xfinity race postponed until Sunday at 11:00am. 
Saturday- Track activity postponed. Sprint Cup race postponed until Sunday at 12:00pm. Xfinity race to follow. 
Sunday- Race day; 800 miles on the track between the two series.

So I went from my husband getting all day Sunday off- which I took off too; to now being off Friday and Saturday when I am working. Plus we were getting hit with a hurricane so it was windy and rainy both days (so much for my pumpkin patch idea).

But I did take off Sunday, so in the end it did benefit me. I got to wake up early on my day off and head to the track with my husband. Garage opened bright and early (WAIT it was still dark when it opened). I spent time with my hubby at the pit box while he set up the electronic components. I spent time talking with our spotter's wife. I helped bring things out to pit road. I kept busy. All while getting to wear a sweatshirt- sneak peek to fall. 

The race itself was pretty boring like Charlotte normally is, until a giant wreck happened involving Austin Dillon, Chase Elliott and Martin Truex Jr. 

Jimmie Johnson was the winner and moving on in the Chase (NASCAR's playoffs). It was all an in all a great day that I got to spend with my husband and that is all that matters.

If you have never gotten the opportunity to go to a race I highly recommend it. You can sit in the stands and drink beer and watch cars go around and around. You can watch cars hit the wall at 175 mph. You can see drivers turn other drives at high rates of speed. What other sport is that entertaining? What other sport has 40 people all driving with one another even though its the playoffs. No on is eliminated. Even if you are out to the running for Champion you still race every weekend. All you care about are drivers points and finishing the race in a good position.

This week I am going to Talladega for the last race in the Round of 12. Talladega is known for crazy races, crazy crashes and crazy finishes. I am looking forward to crossing another track, another state off my list and getting to see a bit of what Talladega is all about. Stay tuned 


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