Baby Fever

Its expected once you've been married over a year for everyone to ask you when you re going to get pregnant. Everyone feels like it is their right to tell you that your clock is ticking and that time is running our. NEWS FLASH...were 29! Time is not running out, we just aren't going to be the young parents, we are going to be the older parents. There is no right or wrong time to start a family. It is all about what works for you and your significant other.

I am so fortunate that while I have baby fever I get to have it taken care of Monday-Friday at work. I work with infants 6 weeks-6 months. The best possible job I could have while having baby fever. I get to love on little ones while their parents are at work providing for them. I get to feed them, hug them, and rock them. I get to see their smiles, I get to see their tears. I get to see their first crawls. I am so fortunate for the job that I have while I am going through my baby fever. 

I am the typical woman who says we aren't ready. We aren't financial stable enough. I know there is no perfect time to have a baby. But I do know that I am not ready to bring a baby into the chaos that is mine and Tim's life with new jobs, and figuring out everything we are figuring out. I know that I want to have health insurance. I know that I want us to be both be working full time. I know that I want our families to be ready for us to have a baby. There is a lot to consider. 

I know that Tim isn't ready at all. The minute I bring up the "B" word he freaks out. He shuts me down and I know thats because its scary concept for most men. They aren't usually around babies like women are so for them the whole thing is an unknown. I know that in a few months or in a year even we will have the conversation again and maybe by the time we turn 30 he will be a bit more ready.

I just know that in the meantime I am going to love on all my friends babies, my babies at work, and my niece via FaceTime. I am a fortunate woman to have around me the solutions to baby fever!

Anyone else out there have baby fever? Whats your solution? 


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