Its been awhile and this is why....

Sorry for being MIA lately. 

Where to start? 

The season ended on sort of a low for us. My husband was let go from the team he was apart of for the last three seasons. It was believed that the team would be shutting down. Instead the team stayed together and hired Matt DiBenedetto as their driver and he was bringing his own PR person with him which meant Tim was still out a job. We crossed our fingers, said prayers and hoped that by Daytona he would find a job. Well February came and went and he wasn't with a team and he wasn't working.

I left my job at Starbucks and ended up going back to my career field of working with children and got an amazing opportunity working with infants in a child care center close to home. I am happy every day when I leave work, and I look forward to going to work every day. Not many people can say that I believe.

We hit March and he got an interview with NASCAR itself for a job. We were excited but didn't want to jinx it or ruin the chances so we didn't tell anyone or talk about it at all. He got the job and we praised everything above that he was back working in the sport for an amazing company. He has since gotten his uniform, hard card, email address, etc. Its real and his first race of the season is coming up. It is so bittersweet and this is why.

I love my husband do not get me wrong. I am so glad that we have had the opportunity to spend some time together over the last few months, but I am so ready for him to be traveling and gone again. I miss my time to myself getting to watch DVR shows, read a book, relax and have some time alone. With him not working he has been home every day for the past few months. I know he is looking forward to traveling again and I know I am looking forward to missing him the days that he is gone and getting those butterflies back when I see him after a few days apart.

It isn't easy by any means going through a significant other being unemployed. I don't recommend it to couples out there, but it makes you so much stronger. Did we fight through it all? YES!! Do I love him any less? NO!! I am so proud of my husband and I love him even more for being strong and going through what he just went through. I will always support him emotionally and mentally with everything we face as a couple and as best friends.

So expect an update soon!


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