Airline frustrations

Anyone who has ever flown on an airplane or out of an airport knows there can be issues. 

Well last weekend my husband had to travel to New Hampshire for the race. He got to the airport on Thursday afternoon, checked his bag and got something to eat. He heard his name over the intercom to come to his gate. When he got there he was told that he didn't check his bag correctly and he needed to go back to the ticket counter to re-check it. After all that was said and done he ended up missing his flight. He spoke with his bosses and they told him to go home and they would fly him out the next day. 

Well all the flights were sold out the next day so he ended up missing the entire weekend of work because of an employee who was worthless and didn't know their own job. Here's the real kicker; his bag ended up on a flight Friday morning to Manchester. Well he called American Airlines to find out about his bag and they said it should be on a flight by Saturday. Saturday came and went as did Sunday. No one he spoke with could tell him where his bag was, which airport it was in. No one he spoke with was helpful regarding the incident. And they decided that supplying him with 7,500 miles should suffice for the inconvenience. He called twice on Tuesday and the second time he talked to someone she informed him that his luggage was back at the Charlotte airport and they tried to call him earlier that day. We drove her get his bag and I have never seen someone have so much relief and tension escape their body.

American Airlines is where the real problem lies. They don't train their staff well enough, there is so much miscommunication that occurs between their employees and their customers. Explain to me how someone being without their luggage for 5 days and no communication is good enough. How is 7,500 miles going to get back the weekend my husband missed out on work? They need to fix their customer service and they need to make their customers the priority again. Unfortunately my husband has to fly on them the rest of the season since Charlotte is a hub for American Airlines. I hope that we don't encounter any more issues during the season. 


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