Dating your spouse

I'm sure we have all heard the saying "Never stop dating your spouse". Well I recommend sticking to that saying and remember to date your spouse and fall more and more in love with them every day if possible.

So far this summer, Tim and I went to a local AAA baseball game followed by a surprise decision to go to the Billy Currington concert that was right next door. His work rented out the rooftop terrace which provided us game tickets as well as food to enjoy. It was a beautiful night, not too hot and not chilly at all. 

As part of the SpeedStreet event going on in Charlotte there was a concert to be held at the park next to the ballpark. Who wouldn't want to go to a concert that meant hey didnt have to pay full price? We left the baseball game in the 6th inning and went to the concert. What a concert that was. It was our first concert as a couple and we sang along, danced, and enjoyed one another company. 

A simple date night of a baseball game turned into an amazing date night of a baseball game, a concert, and spending some time with my best friend. 

Most of you know that we went through rough patch while Tim wasn't working and that truly does take a toll on a couple and on a relationship. It was so nice to smile and laugh and truly remember that I love my husband and I love getting to have date nights with him.

Date nights don't have to be something extravagant. They can be a simple as a dinner at home. They can be a picnic at the park. They can be a walk on a nature trail. We definitely have those fun easy date nights every week. Its something we strive to do. We try a new recipe, we take turns who makes dinner, and we help one another when it comes to household chores.

Dating your spouse should always happen and should always be a priority. I look at my husband when he is in his pajamas and fall more in love with him. I look at him when he is dressed for work and think how lucky I am to be his wife. I look at my husband sitting on the couch watching baseball and think about how our future is going to be the best because we are doing it together.

Never stop experiencing life, trying new things, and dating your spouse. 


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